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Ichigo and Rukia had a falling out and so she follows him to taunt him while he plays vizard with Hirako. The whole post is funny but this here was the kicker to me:

Hirako:*Hirako narrowed his eyes drawing his blade. Ichigo was angry, this would be fun.* COME ON! *He ran forward immediatly dashing past him and dragging the blade across his stomach.*
Ichigo: *fkjlsdkfjdsfj WASN'T READY YET D: He was shocked only for a second before he spun around. He came dashing at Hirako, swinging his blade across, right for his chest*
Rukia: ((*points and laughs*))
Ichigo: ((That isn't helping. -_-))
Hirako: ((IF you saw her new Icon that would help you :D.))
Rukia: ((except I haven't used it in reference to him. *snort* ironic.))
Ichigo: ((...........D:))

Here is the icon of subject:

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-Komui sneezed and looked to the cat.-

Cats. I hate cats.

-He put on a pair of gloves and picked the thing up, throwing it into the hallway.-

I'm very allergic.

Further proof Komui is awesome.
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Well surely I must post.

OOC commentry In regards to Ishida:

Vash: Holy crap you guys. Homunculus, Vampire, Nobody. LET THE BOY BE A QUINCY FOR A WHILE. GEEZ.
Me: thats what I said LOL
Vash: The Nyx: Let's see what we can turn Ishida into TODAY!
Ishida: ._. someday...somday we will run out of canons to rape me with
Me: Thats when we start making new ones.
Ishida: >_>+
Me: Ishida: Everybody's Bitch
Vash: We all need t-shirts that say "Ishida is my bitch." :D

Hanatarou working the food synthesizer:

"I...I do not know. *He started to clean them up also.* I ordered only two four carrots and...and then there were carrots...thousands of them!"

Suddenly LJ CUTCollapse )
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